As a REDEEMED volunteer, the mission of the professional writer is to help individual applicants produce personal statements, which can be used in a petition for expungement by withdrawing guilty or no-contest pleas or guilty verdicts and entering not guilty pleas to dismiss those convictions. The individual will no longer be considered “convicted” of the offense as the record will show a dismissal. Redeemed will also aim to get qualified applicants Certificates of Rehabilitation, which can lead to pardons by the governor.




As a REDEEMED volunteer, the mission of the licensed attorney in good standing is to help individual applicants complete legal forms in self-help clinics and if the need arises, to appear on behalf of applicants in court as an “appearance attorney.” Training will be provided. 




If you have a skill including language interpreting, administration or artistry of some kind, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how your skillset might match the needs of REDEEMED and those we serve.  




By using the terms mentee and mentor we define mentor as a person who is agreeing to commit or lend their personal knowledge and expertise to a person called the mentee, and a mentee is someone who is agreeing to accept the offered commitment so long as it makes sense to. 


The applicant/mentee therefore is the person who is applying for relief from the courts and have determine that it is to her benefit to accept a commitment from our REDEEMED volunteers. We are helping each other. We are community.