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Here's a way to participate in the world you want to see and to connect with humanity.

As we build, our most immediate need is your financial support. REDEEMED is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. If you would like to financially support us and change lives, families and communities...thank you. And thank you to Jamie Rosenthal Wolf and David Wolfe, and The Rosenthal Foundation for first believing in us. 





If you’re a professional writer or lawyer who'd like to participate in the world you want to see by volunteering. Thank you. By subscribing, we'll keep you in the loop about opportunities as they arise. 









If you work with a local museum, gallery or other art space and would like an opportunity to extend it to our community so that visitors can find answers in non-confrontational and lovely places.

If you are interested in free or low cost legal services for yourself or for someone you know, please complete the Welcome questionnaire online--COMING SOON--as part of this build. Keep your eye on the countdown for updates. That’ll be your first step. Thank you. 


We look forward to serving our communities.


Thanks for submitting!

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