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REDEEMED is a criminal reentry project that pairs professional writers and lawyers with applicants in order to clear criminal records and that’s not all. We provide a pathway for applicants to work, free of charge, with lawyers and professional writers to formally petition the courts to recognize a person's new life since prior crimes in order to be deemed rehabilitated by the state, or to have their crimes expunged, or sealed.


We have expanded in 2020 to include REDEEMED’s "Clemency Project.” Clemency applies to people who are in prison now, serving time. It gives a redemption opportunity to exceptional inmates who, over the last several years, have done extraordinary work while imprisoned. They will be given a chance, through a Clemency application prepared by Redeemed writers and partner lawyers, to have a commutation of their sentence by the governor, meaning a chance to be freed before the end of their sentence.


We are investing in a world where all people who want to do better and be better than their pasts suggest.


I want to work with you. Here's the first step.

I've got my background (rap sheet) I'm ready to work on my affidavit.

Move on to Step 2:

My Affidavits complete, do you know a volunteer lawyer who can help with my next step? Move on to Step 3:

*in certain cases
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