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IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS EVER BEEN ARRESTED OR CONVICTED OF A CRIME, you live in So Cal and you want to take steps to clear the record, HERE IS THE FIRST STEP recommended by one of REDEEMED’s collaborating law firms:


Request a copy of your California Department of Justice Criminal History (DOJ) report through the service known as Livescan (which is an electronic fingerprint based criminal history generator).  


This request from the DOJ can only be completed by you because it is based on your fingerprints and other personal identifiers and therefore no one else can do it for you. 


If you live in CA, this report will provide a complete picture of your California criminal history record which will better allow you to take steps to clear your record.  


For information only. REDEEMED does not practice law.




1) Please click here and print and complete this form and be thorough and print clearly. Under "reason for application," we recommend you state either "personal reference" or "legal request."


2) You will next need to schedule an appointment at a Livescan Facility within the State of California. You can find a location here. PLEASE NOTE: At the location you will be required to pay TWO fees. One is a mandatory fee from the Department of Justice ($25 as of this update). You can get that fee waived if you apply here and qualify. Take this form with you to the Livescan Facility. The Livescan facility will also charge a fee. This is the second fee and is for their services. Prices vary but are around $30. Without a fee waiver from the Department of Justice, adding both fees together, it can cost $55 to get your criminal history.*

**if you are unable to pay the $30 to the facility and/or if you have a recent copy of your criminal record because you were recently denied something or still have the paperwork (green or yellow sheet with your sentencing), you can use that for services with REDEEMED. On it will be your conviction date and the Code Section that you violated. But with this, we will not be able to identify or help you with other matters that may be on your record at our no cost fee. It's best to pay the facility fee--about $30 (with a waiver) now.


3) On your appointment day, please take the completed form as well a check or money order for the amount required. 


4) Wait for your report. After the Livescan, it will take about two to six weeks for the DOJ to send the report to you, depending on their workload. 


5) Keep a copy of the report.  It’s no one’s business but your own. But you’ll need to provide it to your lawyer later or use it for your own self-application.


6) PLEASE NOTE: Having your criminal background information is a prerequisite to getting help with us. We’re serious, are you serious too? In other words, you have to have this BEFORE we can assigned a professional writer to you or offer a self help clinic. There is limited space so take this step this week. 




Here are the Next Steps:



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