CLEMENCY 2020,a Redeemed Project 

REDEEMED has expanded and replaced its self-help clinic with “REDEEMED’s Clemency Project.” Clemency applies to people who are in prison now, serving time. It gives a redemption opportunity to exceptional inmates who, over the last several years, have done extraordinary work while imprisoned. They will be given a chance, through a Clemency application prepared by Redeemed, to have a commutation of their sentence by the governor, meaning a chance to be freed before the end of their sentence. 





REDEEMED writers will be vital in the process by, in basic terms, ‘ghost writing’ the personal stories of inmates. It's the inmates words and story made understandable and easy to read by the decision makers. Our journalists and volunteer lawyers and students will be researching the prison files for materials needed for the petitions. Examples of relevant materials are recommendations by paid staff (i.e. prison guards) on the character of the inmate, recommendations from teachers who teach in the prison, and certificates of achievement while in prison. In the coming months, we will be telling you more about it. SUBSCRIBE from our home page.




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