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REDEEMED has expanded our work to include the Clemency Project. Clemency applies to people who are in prison now, serving time. It gives a redemption opportunity to exceptional inmates who, over the last several years, have done extraordinary work while imprisoned. They will be given a chance, through a Clemency application prepared by Redeemed, to have a commutation of their sentence by the governor, meaning a chance to have their sentences reduced and freed on parole.




REDEEMED writers will be vital in the Clemency process by guiding clients through a written process of self-advocacy. Writers will ensure the client's words anticipate questions, are understandable, complete, and are easy to read by the decision makers. Our journalists and volunteer lawyers and students will be researching the prison files for materials needed for the petitions. and help obtain character references by prison staff including guards, teachers, employment supervisors in prison, and family on the outside. 












Learn more about Mr. Guzman below:


REDEEMED and our incarcerated clients don’t make excuses for devastating crimes. Our clients are not innocent—The Redeemed Project is not “The Innocence Project.” Our clients acknowledge and live with deep remorse for victims and their families.


REDEEMED pairs professional writers with lawyers and the client, and together they prove to courts, parole boards and the governor that, yes, this is who this person was. And now THIS is the rehabilitated person you have in prison today, decade(s) later. Look at their stellar record inside, transformation, positive mentorship of others, and support they’d have on the outside. Will you have mercy? 


The short film above is our story thanks to documentary filmmaker and volunteer, Wes Kriesel, and for the generous support of donors.


WATCH, SHARE & consider DONATING. We can’t do it without you. 



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