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REDEEMED is a criminal justice project that pairs volunteer professional writers and lawyers with applicants in order to clear criminal records and gain freedom; freedom from custody and freedom from the shame and stigma of their pasts to live life to its full potential. 


Our services are likely the most broad in the field of criminal reentry and restorative justice as they not only apply to those who have been recently released but also to those who are currentlyincarcerated with Clemency applications and to those who were never jailed or sent to prison and were instead given probation, a fine, or were arrested, and that related crime and arrest remains on their record as notice to the public of their current character. 

We are offering a path for applicants to move forward with better jobs and life opportunities without being retried for their past every time they apply for a job, a volunteer opportunity, housing, immigration, travel, a chance to get a loved one from Foster Care, and more.

REDEEMED is investing in a world where all people who want to do better and be better than their pasts suggest can be given that opportunity. This is restorative justice. 






I want to work with you. Here's the first step.

I've got my background (rap sheet) I'm ready to work on my affidavit.

Move on to Step 2:

My Affidavits complete, do you know a volunteer lawyer who can help with my next step? Move on to Step 3:

*in certain cases