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REDEEMED is a criminal reentry project that pairs professional writers and lawyers with applicants in order to clear criminal records and that’s not all. We provide a pathway for applicants to work, free of charge, with lawyers and professional writers to formally petition the courts to recognize a person's new life since prior crimes in order to be deemed rehabilitated by the state, or to have their crimes expunged, or sealed.


We have invested in a world where all people who want to do better and be better than their pasts suggest.

As of June 2021, the REDEEMED PROJECT is coming to an end and what a GREAT RIDE we’ve had!


REDEEMED has transformed so many lives in real and meaningful ways. Our clients are now able to apply for and get good jobs, travel, rent homes, apply for educational and volunteer opportunities, fill out all kinds of forms and do it without the shame, stigma and fear of their past. Our work has restored constitutional rights including the right to vote and the right to bear arms. Our clients have graduated from college this week, have had new babies in the pandemic, have served you in fast food lines, in the military, created non-profits that help others, including one that serves women who are incarcerated. Some of our clients are delivery drivers. Some have been able to leave frontline pandemic jobs to protect their health and the health of their families because they could, for the first time, get a different job. They have survived this pandemic with you…and it has been a little easier because of you. Because of this powerful Los Angeles Writing Community.


Here is what our clients have said:


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done. You guys are Awesome!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I see this day coming. Now I can put what happened in the 80s to rest and move on.”


“It has been a long journey with unexpected challenges of the global pandemic, but with all of your help, I am REDEEMED!!”


“Thank you, REDEEMED. You all have been a tremendous support and I appreciate it very, very much!”


I hope you’re as proud of this as I am. We have quite literally transformed lives and have delivered more than we’ve promised. And what we’ve done…what others have helped us to do.


Over the next year, the REDEEMED project will be actively winding down. We are holding on to our last client whose prison file arrived this morning. We are seeking clemency for him and a new life for his family. Clemency would allow him to be released early from prison. His life will be our last hurrah and we plan to not go down in flames. All victory! The Clemency process will take about a year, so we've used this as our wind down timer. We won't abandon him. A REDEEMED writer has already been assigned, along with two lawyers.


If you want to support our go at it, that would be awesome. It’ll help us pay for small running expenses including insurance, and for weekly stipends until then. Whatever organizational proceeds remain after our wind down will be donated to the California Lawyers for the Arts (or a similar organization). THANK YOU for believing! Here's to open roads!


I want to work with you. Here's the first step.

I've got my background (rap sheet) I'm ready to work on my affidavit.

Move on to Step 2:

My Affidavits complete, do you know a volunteer lawyer who can help with my next step? Move on to Step 3:

*in certain cases
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